Dietary & Nutritional Analysis and Coaching:

Are you eating a well balanced diet?

A primary component of a proactive healthCARE solutions® is Diet Analysis and Coaching. If you are overweight, diabetic, or training for a marathon, proactive healthCARE solutions® takes the time to analyze your nutritional and dietary practices in conjunction with your health and wellness goals. Using a detailed exploratory interview, Body Composition Analysis and simple biofeedback techniques, proactive healthCARE solutions® can attain a fairly clear picture of a client’s overall health and wellness.

proactive healthCARE solutions® uses the analysis information and a clear understanding of your health and wellness goals to make recommendations and place these into a strategic plan for a healthier lifestyle and practices.

Experience has proven that on-going coaching helps clients attain their health and wellness goals. proactive healthCARE solutions® provides on-going coaching and will make appropriate adjustments along the way to be help clients achieve the results they want to proactively manage their well-being.


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