Larry Johansen is a certified ZONE™ instructor and uses this training to help clients shift the way they use nutrition to proactively manage their healthcare.

The ZONE™, a nutrition plan developed by Barry Sears, PhD, IS a higher protein, lower carbohydrate, fat adequate diet. It IS NOT an EXTREME high protein, low carbohydrate diet as it is often mis-represented!

Simply put, The ZONE™ is good, healthy nutrition: three square meals a day, each with a palm-sized serving of protein and the remainder of the plate filled with fruits and vegetables, and a couple of daily snacks that also contain an ounce of protein.

Let us help you get the right proportion of foods from each food group.

The underlying premise of The ZONE™: a properly balanced meal will generally keep blood levels of insulin and glucose within a fairly tight range, a ZONE, for a period of four to six hours.

The Basic Facts:

People often mistake Insulin Control as only something for people diagnosed with or prone to diabetes; this is wrong. In actuality we all should be sensitive to Insulin Control Nutrition. The pancreatic hormone Insulin is directly controlled every time you eat. Other hormones require prescription drugs to affect their activity. Insulin activity is affected by the most powerful drug of all, FOOD.

Misuse of FOOD dis-regulates insulin which, over time can lead to weight gain, an increased inflammatory response, and dis-regulation of blood lipids. The end results of mismanaged insulin can be Type II Diabetes, also known as Adult Onset Diabetes. Type II Diabetes causes heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, peripheral vascular disease leading to amputation, and peripheral nerve damage. Research indicates the 90 percent of Type II Diabetes can be prevented by exercise and diet.

The Benefits

Following a ZONE™ nutrition plan has many benefits: better health; decreased long-term medical costs; increased energy and mental acuity; improved athletic performance; decreased dependence on medication; fat loss...or gain, depending on how program is applied.

How to Make it Work

Evidence-based medical research indicates that telling a patient to exercise and lose weight has little or no beneficial outcome and doesn't work. Patients were not motivated to change their lifestyle behaviors. The same evidence based research found that moderate to intensive counseling did work, and has a beneficial outcome. With moderate to intensive education and coaching, patients CAN and DO change their behavior which leads to happier, healthier lifestyles.

proactive healthCARE solutions® uses The ZONE™ and other customizable approaches to educate and coach interested clients to positively adjust their lifestyle behaviors, nutrition and stress management for improved overall health and well being.

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